LSG provides our clients in the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community with fully trained, cleared professionals who understand the no-fail nature of this business and can begin making immediate contributions to the mission as soon as they begin work. We specialize in planning and intelligence support for Information Warfare / Information Operations (IW / IO). Our team develops IW / IO plans, exercises, doctrine, and training for the military Services and the Combatant Commands in the US and deployed overseas locations.


Government and commercial clients are routinely challenged with getting the right message to the right audience to achieve predictable results. Effective messaging is more than just using the right words. Communication campaigns require detailed analysis and planning to fully develop information about the target audience, timing, delivery means, perception filters, and competing messages. To understand if messages have been received and acted on in the manner that they intended, clients also require comprehensive assessment plans. LSG has extensive knowledge and experience with the entire communications cycle and can help clients develop and implement effective communication plans to rapidly reach internal and external audiences and achieve measurable impact on behavior.Our linguists and cultural advisors provide clients with insights into the history, media consumption, and cultural nuances of target audiences to maximize the effectiveness of communications plans and ensure mission success.


LSG helps our clients solve problems. Whether your organization is facing the need to reorganize to operate more effectively, launch a new marketing effort, relocate or expand, or decide on a new direction for your business, LSG can help. Our structured, analytic approach to situational analysis helps cut through the chaos and provide you with practical, feasible options ready for implementation. Our expertise with business process re-engineering, analysis of alternatives, change management, and competitor analysis that can help you solve many of your most difficult business challenges.